Google watch

This is a design patent filed by Google LLC in mid 2017. According to Information Published in USPTO database (United States Patent and Trademark Office) On August 27, 2019.

It has Seven patent sketches, in which a smart watch with a round watch is depicted. Large circle can be seen in the middle. Although you might still think of a hybrid watch with analog hands, it is the name of the patent that gave us more information about this. The patent is titled 'Camera Watch'.

In other words, Google seems to be working on a smart watch with a camera. This will certainly be a good entry for the smartwatch market. Finally, there are no well-known brands - think Apple, Samsung, Huawei and LG - currently have watches with cameras in their portfolios. There are some more unknown brands that offer smart watches with cameras, but the quality of this camera leaves something to be desired.

Google Pixel watch

The Google Pixel 3 smartphone is known as one of the best smartphone cameras. While only one lens is used. This is because of the unique software from Google. Chances are that the manufacturer also wants to use this knowledge for its smartwatch. However, because this is a design patent, its function is not discussed in more detail. It's still unclear if this camera is below the screen, there might be a gap in the screen - as we have seen this year with various smartphone models.

Whether Google really intends to install a camera on a watch will of course still be seen, but it seems reasonable because the company also filed a patent for smart watches earlier this year. With this patent, the watch strap is discussed specifically, however, the same circular circle can also be seen with this design.

In addition, Google seems to choose a digital turning ring for operation, although this cannot be concluded 100% of the image. We will not see the crown again. The latest Samsung smartwatch, Galaxy Watch Active 2, is also equipped with a digital rotary ring.

Not yet clear when Google will unveil its first smart watch. The watch was expected last year, until Google itself indicated that this did not yet exist. We have now moved on for some time, of course it is inconceivable that the company just needs more development time. Finally, Google invested $ 40 million in Fossil watchmaker smart watch technology earlier this year.



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