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The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons is already considered one of the most innovative aspects of a hybrid console, but a patent filed reveals that a new design for a removable controller might be in progress.

A new patent by Nintendo, found in Japan's official patent database, revealed that the company was trying to add a hinge to the top of Joy-Cons.

Switch Nintendo Joy

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From the illustrations found in the patent, the new design will allow the player to fold a portion of Joy-Con's left thumb and right Joy-Con's action button. The controller will also be able to use the hinge even if it is attached to the Nintendo Switch, because the connector will be placed in a part that is not folded.

Some things remain unclear, including whether the hinged Joy-Cons will replace the current Joy-Cons in the upcoming bundle, or whether they will be a separate purchase.

Finally, because new designs are found in patents, there is a definite possibility that the hinged Joy-Cons will never move from the concept stage to the actual product. However, it is interesting that Nintendo is still working on the design of the Nintendo Switch controller, two and a half years after the launch of the console.
Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons has seen fair controversies, including connectivity problems that were corrected by the addition of conductive foam, and drift problems that have been agreed to be repaired free by Nintendo. Detachable controllers, however, remain the center of the console's core experience.
Joy-Cons is part of the strength of Nintendo Labo, which offers various kits that allow gamers to build special creations. The controller will also be an integral part of the upcoming motion control fitness program, which has been dubbed the Nintendo Switch Fit.
The addition of hinges might be minimal compared to activating Nintendo Labo and Nintendo Switch Fit, and the new design might never even see the light of day. However, patents show that Nintendo has not stopped trying new ideas for its innovative consoles.



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