At the 2019 IFA event, Samsung announced the official launch date of Galaxy Fold after many delays since April. Thus, the device went on sale yesterday in the Korean market at a constant price of 1,980 USD.

The reason why Samsung is delaying the sale of Galaxy Fold is because this foldable smartphone has a screen error that affects the user experience. Therefore, Samsung was forced to postpone this super folding screen rack product to correct mistakes.

And according to Sammobile's findings, changes made by Samsung to the new Galaxy Fold are on the screen of the device which is now protected by a special layer of stickers right at the top of the screen. Initially, this protective layer was designed to be completely separate from the engine chassis.

Even though Samsung has warned that removing this protective layer will affect the device, many people don't pay attention or maybe forget the warning and still remove the protective layer because they think this is only a screen protector, resulting in serious computer problems.

In addition, the Galaxy Fold hinges are also overcome by Samsung's dust cover by adding a new protective cover. But the Korean company said that they also strengthened the folding screen panel by adding a metal layer under the screen, avoiding outside dirt particles that caused the panel to collide even if they were inside the camera body.

Finally, although Samsung hasn't changed the design details significantly on the Galaxy Fold, the thickness and weight of the cellphone also increased. The upgraded Galaxy Fold version now has a thickness of 15.7mm and a weight of 276g compared to 15.5mm and 263g in the previous version. However, these small changes will certainly not affect much the user experience.



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