Apple watch sleep tracking

Apple Watch Series 5 Which will be launched on September 10 at iPhone 10 Event has come on with lots of rumor,  Some have even tried to predict blood pressure and blood sugar detection, so far this has been heard. However, more realistic predictions appear today, regarding the features that Apple Watch already has with third-party applications.
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Sleep tracking can be officially supported on S5, especially now that Apple has purchased Beddit, a sleep monitor product and a companion application. This feature is internally called "Time in Bed tracking", according to 9to5mac, and will monitor sleep quality by using several sensors that look for user's movements, heart rate, and voice.
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Additionally, if the watch detects that the user wakes up and starts the day before the alarm time, it will deactivate the alarm for a certain day. The sleep time system will also activate Do Not Disturb automatically when the user goes to sleep.

Tracking iPhone watch

The report also mentions that the feature might not require new hardware, because S5 will be a minor update to the current 4 Series Series.



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