Battle Chaser
That's right, underground divers are based on Battle Chaser: Nightwar finally comes out on Android. What makes the Battle Chaser so interesting is that the SNES game generation inspired that, I need to say again?

Battle Chaser: Nightwar a SNES inspired JRPG

Story of Battle Chaser: Nightwar involves helping the young Gully in his efforts to find his father Aramus. Aramus is a famous hero who mysteriously disappears while exploring dangerous places.
Gameplay involves a turn-based fight inspired by a great RPG console. Dungeon is full of bosses and traps and randomly generated enemies. Choose a team of three fighters, then make a new gear and increase it to be as calm as possible,
If you want to get a copy of Battle Chaser: Nightwar, then you can get it from Google Play store.


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