Galaxy Note 10+

Along with the design and features, however, the Galaxy Note 10 + has a screen of up to 6.8 inches, 12 GB RAM and a very high Note 10 battery capacity.

Galaxy Note 10+

The Galaxy Note 10+ is provided with a 6.8-inch screen, 0.5 inches larger than the Galaxy Note 10. This is the Note with the largest screen Samsung has ever seen. every new GalaxyNote model launched in America has a similar look.

In addition to screen size, details to distinguish the model 2 Note 10 is on the back. In addition to the 3-lens vertical camera cluster, Note 10+ is equipped with a fourth camera that specializes in depth measurement to scan 3D images with small sensors placed under Flash. Note 10 and Note 10+ camera parameters are identical to the main camera with a wide angle lens (12 megapixels), ultra wide angle (16 megapixels) and 2x telephotograph (12 megapixels).

Large screen but the sensation of holding and using the machine with one hand is not too troublesome because of the infinity screen with Infinity-O holes. the back and curved screen with 7.9 millimeters thin creates a sense of comfort and sturdiness. Note 10+ weighs 196 grams, more than November 17 Note 10.

Not only wider, the Galaxy Note 10+ screen also has a higher resolution after reaching QuadHD + standard than Full HD + as a junior. It also has high brightness up to 1,200 nit, Dynamic AMOLED base plate, supports DCI-P3, HDR10 + color range. Note 10+ screen limit is even thinner than Note 10 when it reaches 94.2% of the front display.

The features on the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are identical. each using OS Android 9 with a One UI interface. The fingerprint sensing element is hidden in the screen. 10 megapixel front camera with a single lens and placed in the middle.

The S Pen is comparable in design, supports Bluetooth file connectivity and can be used to create remote control when taking photos or presentations. The user will hold the pen remotely and control several cellphone options through gesture manipulation. The S Pen feature on the new Note recognizes handwriting very quickly and accurately, supporting Vietnamese.

The design is bigger, but the Note 10+ also doesn't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, instead, use the USB-C port. Compared to juniors, this device has many higher capacity batteries when it reaches 4,300 mAh, supporting fast charging 45 w, three times the capacity of Note 9 last year.

In addition to RAM up to 12 GB rather than 8 GB, memory up to 512 GB rather than 256 GB such as Note 10, Note 10+ also supports memory card slots, not erased as in junior models. each using a 7-nm 8-core process with the Qualcomm or Exynos snapdragon option developed by Samsung.

Higher performance, bigger screen but the Galaxy Note 10+ is more colorful than Note 10. The machines sold in part 1 will have 3 versions of the Aura Glow black, white and metallic.


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