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After revealing the official design, the original photo of the Galaxy Note 10 also appeared.

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Although not until August 7, Samsung dropped the Galaxy Note 10, but the appearance of this smartphone leaked. Recently, the original photo of the Note 10 was also announced by the FCC.

On Thursday, the FCC revealed certification documents for the Galaxy Note 10. In documents that were very focused on endurance testing, some photos of devices were accidentally announced.

The new photos do not reveal anything additional about the overall design but confirm the rather important details. In particular, the Galaxy Note 10 is now officially confirmed to no longer have a 3.5mm jack earpiece. This trend was initiated by Apple from the iPhone 7 in 2017 and many others followed except Samsung. until the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 follows this trend.

According to the picture, this device has 3 rear cameras and does not support 5G. However, Samsung plans to launch many variants of the Galaxy Note 10, along with the 5G version.

Galaxy Note is a product line used by Samsung to compete directly with the Apple iPhone in the United States in the high-end phase. the feature that most places the Note line is the S Pen and also the large screen.


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