We have until 7 August 2019 for the official Samsung Galaxy Note 10. So far, leaks and temptations on the internet all point to features such as 5G connectivity, no Jack and all that. Therefore, it seems that the images given are based on rumors.

However, there seems to be something new when the official image of the Galaxy Note 10 was revealed last night and from a trusted source, the WinFuture "Roland Quandt" site and Ishan Agarwal's official Twitter account, so we will not hesitate about its authenticity.

These images show that Samsung not only brought the Galaxy Note 10 with black, but also an attractive purple blue pearl, similar to the back of the Huawei P30 Pro.

Similar to the rumored image, we see a series of three rear cameras on the back of the cellphone, a very thin border and a hollow camera that barely affects the surrounding screen. And as usual in Samsung's flagship in 2019, all screens are curved.

But the most interesting thing in the picture above is the absence of a fingerprint sensor - maybe the Note 10 will use a fingerprint sensor on the screen and the cellphone has less than the physical key compared to normal. Does Samsung remove the power button, or the Bixby button? Maybe we will know better in the future.

And even though it's not seen in this picture, there are rumors that Samsung will release a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10 - perhaps not surprising as a flagship device like the Galaxy Note again. Don't come with a pair of high-end Bluetooth headsets.

There is another bigger thing that we don't see here, which is rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Quandt said, we see a smaller version with a 6.3-inch screen. According to rumors, the Pro version of the Galaxy Note 10 also has a screen up to 6.75 inches. Meanwhile, let's wait patiently until the engine is officially introduce d on 7 August.


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